Chicago: The Architectural Tour

It is highly probable that there exists no group of travel buds who loathe, dread, and despise an organized tour more than we. An experiment in torture, the organized tour is, inevitably, a hijacking of our precious time by… Continue reading

Chicago: The Recovery

I woke up with a bad food hangover; the dry remains of a dark, depressing, day lingering on my tongue, memories of terrible foods surfacing and making me wretch; the shakes, the drools.… Continue reading

Chicago: Game Time

The impetus for our trip to Chicago was a visit to historic Wrigley field, for a bout between the impenetrable 2016 Cubs, and the  Atlanta Braves. The previous two days had greeted us with punishing cold, but this… Continue reading

Chicago: Al’s, A goat, and a Pig

If ever anything good came of the depression, it’s the Italian Beef…mother of invention and all. Of course, the meat missile’s origins are in dispute, with multiple locales claiming firsts, though one fact is clear; Stockyard laborers (Italians, of course) birthed the… Continue reading

Eat Chicago: Logan Square

Bitingly cold, desperately grey, and bone chillingly damp, Chicago felt tougher, grittier, and somehow, more grandiose during our recent visit than it had on previous trips. Perhaps it was the moments when the sun broke through to bathe the city’s magnificent… Continue reading

Valle De Guadalupe, Baja’s Wine Country

Baja’s wine country, Valle De Guadalupe, has been producing wine for damn near a century, but in the last decade or so, the region has come into its own,  attracting oenophiles in search of luxurious, secluded, wine… Continue reading

Eating San Diego; part deux

The rare opportunity see a Tool/Primus combo led us back to Amerca’s Finest City (San Diego’s self appointed nickname) for the second time in a twelve month period. This being trip two, we arrived with… Continue reading

St. Louis: The Arch and The Lobstah

On all trips, there is a flurry of activity on the final day, as we try to accomplish the last of our goals before heading to the airport. St. Louis was no exception, and on this, departure… Continue reading

The Deliverance

The long road back to St. Louis took us slowly through Iowa’s never ending rows of corn and into Missouri’s endless rows of whatever green crop Missouri grows, at what felt like a… Continue reading

Eat Des Moines

Morning in Des Moines found our group in a state of post Iowa State Fair intestinal trauma, but in true “this may be our only chance to eat in Des Moines” fashion, we… Continue reading