I started this blog because eating, traveling, and writing are my passions; lo and behold there was a way to merge all three, in the form of a food and travel blog. Hopefully someone, somewhere, benefits, whether it's finding a new restaurant or dish, experiencing a memorable travel moment that changes a trip, or discovering some gem in my beloved home city of San Francisco. I hope you enjoy, as I sure do!

Eat San Francisco: Roka Akor

I’ve been relentlessly facebook stalking Roka Akor for months. My creepy ass finally got inside, where to my delight, it was as good, if not better, than I had imagined. When you first walk in to the restaurant, the minimalistic main dining room is to your left, and the stairs going down to the bar, […]


Eat San Francisco: Pho Tan Hoa

We went to Vietnam for our honeymoon in 2007, and we’ve had a Saturday morning pho habit ever since. For a while, we frequented the ever popular Turtle Tower in little Saigon (our old neighborhood) for Northern style pho. Then we moved to the Tendernob, and even though it is only about six blocks away, […]


Eat San Francisco: Waterbar

I’ve been to Waterbar a couple of times. I think it’s one of the best choices for a special occasion meal or place to bring an out of towner. it is a beautiful restaurant, in a great location, with really delicious food that is a little on the lighter, more delicate side. I couldn’t resist […]


Eat San Francisco: Epic Roasthouse

Dine about town lunch number two was at Epic Roasthouse, a steakhouse located right on the water, next door to its seafood focused sister restaurant, Waterbar. Both restaurants offer gorgeous sweeping views of San Francisco bay and the Bay Bridge, which is beautiful by day and dazzling by night, with the current art installation of […]


Seoul, Day 3. Lost in Translation.

Seoul is a pretty confusing city to navigate; first, there is the issue of the alphabet. Hangul, the Korean alphabet, was Romanized in 2000, which means that P’s became B’s, D’s became T’s, and K’s became G’s…it made for some serious confusion during my trip planning phase. The same places or foods were referred to, […]