Eat San Francisco: Redford

The Tendernob is exploding with great places to eat these days. Redford is one of them; one that’s just a teensy bit off the tourist track, but a teensy bit, like a few blocks, is a whole other world in the city. It’s a neighborhood/locals spot, and it’s cozy like that, with warm, studio-like lighting, brick walls, dark wood,


a long bar, and TV’s for all of your local sports watching needs.


Our first visit was a pretty big let down. A bartender from a neighboring bar told us to go for the tater tots, like they were some otherworldly invention. We ordered them to find that they are just frozen tater tots, heated up. We were definitely expecting a house made version.


I’ve been back a few times since, and it’s become one of my favorite places in the neighborhood for bar grazing. There is a good variety of small plate snack items, like deviled eggs, won tons, and pork belly wraps, though it’s their happy hour menu that I really adore. Anitpasto, pizzas, a giant meatball, tacos…I haven’t tried the pot pie yet but I’m delighted that it’s there on the menu. Well cocktails, draft beer, and wine by the glass are all discounted, but the real steal is bottles of wine at 50% off. Happy hour is an all night affair on Tuesdays, which as a wine drinker, I think is pretty damn awesome.

The meat pie is particularly satisfying, with a firm crust, liberal sauce, sweet carmelized onions, and plenty of thick cut pepperoni. At $13 it’s the perfect share plate to go with your booze.


The mac n’ cheese is a soupy one, but I kind of like that. The pasta still has bite to it, there’s chunky pancetta involved, and it’s sprinkled with toasted bread crumbs for a little added texture. It’s a pretty comforting version.


Our most recent, and unplanned visit, occurred when I accidentally destroyed the dinner I was cooking by possibly infecting the whole thing with salmonella. We cruised over to Redford (at a mere two blocks away, it’s a hard choice to pass over) where we finished watching the Giants get their asses kicked by the A’s and we ordered the special, spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread, for $12.


The sauce was full of chunks of tomato and a little hint of spice; the meatballs baby versions of the popular giant version from the happy hour menu. It was generously cheesed, well seasoned, and topped with a nice punch of fresh parsley. We both really enjoyed it. I mean, they aren’t hand making pasta or anything, but it was a really comforting dish on a night when we showed up pretty annoyed. I only wish they were open for weekend lunch.



673 Geary St. San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 563-8192
Open 7 Days A Week | 5pm – 2am
Bar Until 2am | Eats Until 11pm
Happy Hour Daily 5pm-7pm

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